Monday, May 7, 2018

Cinco de Mayo and Storytime

Ittttt's Monday!

This past weekend was a rest weekend. It started out rough though....which leads me to...


I had a brief car scare on Friday. It didn't feel too brief, it was actually really stressful. I took my car to NTB Thursday to get the tires rotated, and the "mechanic" put my car on the lift wrong, messing up my exhaust. All I knew was when they gave it back to me the car made a roaring sound when it started, then vibrated the entire car whenever I gave it a little gas. I took it back and told them about the problem, so the guy drove my car around and put it back up on the lift. After this, he told me that the loud noise emanating from my car was the one inch mud flap rubbing my wheel. I was absolutely shocked that they thought I was stupid, and actually told them so. I took my two year old car to the dealership the next morning where I was told that it would be a 650$ fix to replace the exhaust pipe. After calling NTB and ripping them a new one and telling them they would be paying the bill, my brother went with me to the dealership, took one look at the exhaust while the car was on the lift, had me bring the car to his shop, and pushed it back into place in 5 minutes flat, fixing the entire thing! It had pushed up but luckily nothing had broken or bent with it, so it was in good shape. I'm very lucky my brother knows how to fix things, because I narrowly avoided a HUGE bill. It did feel good to tell off the people at NTB, but I will never be going there again. If any of you are thinking about going to NTB, save yourself the headache and go to your dealership or to Discount Tire. Lesson learned.

The weekend got better. Y was in town and we got to enjoy Cinco de Mayo at El Tiempo on Navigation. It's a really good Tex Mex restaurant owned by the same family who owns Ninfa's next to it. We had chicken and shrimp tacos and micheladas, checked out PiƱata Fest on the esplanade and Spotts Park as well.

Pinata Fest

Pinatas galore! 

We need to talk about the bunnies. If you get this you rock!

Day of the Dead errythang!

I just LOVE Frida! 

The BMX tracks were closed because the Super Nationals were going on in DeSoto, TX. I'm usually at that race every year but too many things went against going this year, and I'm at the point where I want to try out different races and see different areas. Definitely not writing off DeSoto for next year though. It's a great track run by some very nice people.

Sunday came and went way too fast. We ate some of the BEST Vietnamese food I've ever had in the Houston area on Sunday. Nam Gaio is in the Bellaire area of Houston, and they were also featured on a show earlier in the year, showcasing their food. It seems like a hole in the wall until you taste their soups, mochi crackers and really anything else on the menu. The weather on Sunday was so nice that we ended up just hanging out and sipping bubble teas on the porch of Long Coffee.

Spotts Park fun

This weekend did go by way too fast, but it's a beautiful Monday and I can't wait to get some weights and mileage in tonight at the park! I hope you all had a great weekend/Cinco de Mayo, and congrats to everyone who ran the Santo de Mayo this weekend, or any race!

What's your favorite Cinco de Mayo race? 

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