Wednesday, April 25, 2018

New Bike!

Happy hump day everyone!!

This past weekend was a good (but tiring!) one in so many ways. One of those ways included a VERY quick trip to Austin to see Amber and Brent and some of my other favorite people I've been missing for a few minutes, pick up my new rebuilt BMX bike (BIG thank you to my team Gold's Gym) from Striker Wheels, and head on back to Houston. Whew.

Being that Bryan, TX is almost exactly at the halfway mark between Houston and Austin, I planned to make the drive after the run, provided that my legs were still in okay shape. My legs were toast, but toast that could survive a few more plans if they didn't have to go too fast and sat in a car. I headed back to the hotel after the race to shower up and check out before noon, then I was on the road.

The countryside between Bryan and Austin was absolutely breathtaking in the Spring time. The sun was out, the sky was a perfect blue dotted with big fluffy white clouds, everything was green and flowers were an explosion of colors. Halfway there, I got so tired I ended up pulling over in a small town for a cat nap.

The random small town nap time view! Gorgeous day

I felt so refreshed after that, and soon I made it to Central Texas BMX. I was so excited to see the new ride!

Changing the frame and fork ended up taking longer than we thought, since it ended up requiring almost all new parts to go with it, but we tried to stick with a pink/rainbow theme.

My old frame was a Standard Byke Co. chromoly frame and I went to a Speedco aluminum frame, so it required new cranks (the bottom bracket wouldn't work so one of those as well), seat, seatpost, headset, chain and brake cable. Some of these parts didn't fit but some, like the chain and chain ring bolts were older than they should be, and it was safer to replace them. I am SO excited about the seat post clamp being usable, so I can go for long rides and actually raise up the seat! Here are some more close up photos taken by Brent Sterriker:

New Avian crank set 

We went with some pink on this one too 💖

I like my oil slick parts

Avent carbon fiber fork

Some TNT hubs, in rainbow theme wheels

Since I tended to have to ride squished up and over the bars on my last bike, I'm hoping this will be a better fit.

After saying hi to everyone and getting to pet this - YES - BABY PIG (it was the cutest thing I have ever seen!!), I stopped by Jenna's house to see her for a few minutes and hang out with her daughter, A. A is so adorable and sassy, I absolutely love it. We played zoo and a magnetic doll dress up game. She has so much imagination and I hope she never loses that, and I also wish I had more time to see everyone in Austin.

These last two days have been comprised of work, unpacking, laundry, some upper body work and a little bit of chill time. As soon as my legs are refreshed, I am going to take my new bike for a spin!

Thank you Striker Wheels! 

Does anyone else name their bike? Suggestions welcomed. 😄

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