Saturday, April 21, 2018

BMX Update

I love racing BMX. It's something that I have loved since I was a kid, took a break from and still love it so much. I guess by now BMX is just a part of me, it's something that both brings back great memories and makes me new ones.

Katy BMX for our breast cancer awareness race

One of my favorite memories includes spending long days out in the fields during the Summers with my friends. We would dig jumps and clear them. If one was too big we would get wood to turn them into a table top, then practice that until we cleared it. We were always riding everywhere, to stores, friend's houses, wherever we wanted to go.


When I started racing I had to learn how to balance on the gate, so I spent countless hours at home in the garage, my wheel wedged between two cabinet doors, sweat dripping down my forehead (this IS Texas), just sitting there, balancing. It was always a good feeling to know how with hard work I could accomplish something.

Recently, with a BIG thanks to my team Gold's Gym, my bike has been getting a bit of a makeover. The makeover has taken longer than expected since a lot parts on my old frame just won't fit on the new one (chromoly to aluminum).

Saying goodbye to my old bike

I have been missing my bike for a while, but should be able to pick it up this weekend, and possible name it, if the weather behaves.

I can't wait to start getting bike time in! I always have that fear that I will have to completely start over with training, but you know what? Challenge accepted! 😊 I love being able to ride, and it makes me so incredibly happy every time I'm out there. No matter what happens, it's always important to keep trying and to never give up. 😎

What makes you happy?

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