Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Recap - USABMX Cajun Nationals

This weekend I went to the Cajun Nationals in Monroe, LA. This is one of the closer BMX nationals to me, and is only about 6 hours away, and an easy drive, so it's pretty much a staple in the races each year. This national was very different than any other I go to, namely because I wasn't feeling very good and had a tough time on Saturday, and pulled out of the race on Sunday. There are a lot of opinions about traveling to a race and withdrawing. For me, I don't see the point in wasting entrance fees I work hard for if I can't put my all into the race or enjoy it. Blindly throwing money away just to get some points has never been an attractive option.

There are always good and bad days, and learning to deal with a bad day is sometimes just as important a lesson as enjoying the good days. There were A LOT of plusses to this weekend, however! It was good to get a bit of practice in on a track after being rained out for so long. I think my legs were confused about why they weren't expected to be on a bike trainer, ha!The track was also really cool. I loved the tabletop into a turn and back on to the same tabletop thing that was going on there too, and Y flew in from KC to watch me race and hang out, so that made the weekend great. I also got to hang out with some of my teammates and friends from CenTex BMX, and they got to meet Y too:). Having a bunch of good friends and teammates to just sit and chill with is something I am so grateful for. They make me feel really blessed. 

After Y and I got our Whataburger (they don't have that in KC), I headed back to Houston. The Rebel Run van passed me by, and I saw a few other BMXers making their way back as well. I passed through a lot of small towns, and while I don't really like to always slow down to 40, seeing so many little cute towns was interesting. I traveled through Tenaha and a few others before I made it into the giant amalgam of cities making up the Houston area. This was definitely an adventurous weekend, I am so tired, and looking forward to an early bedtime tonight (the 20 year old me would be shaking her head and rolling her eyes at that one, while holding a Starbucks cup). I hope you all had a good weekend, and got all your running or riding in or whatever makes you happy!

Actually a Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Frap sounds really good right about now.... :) 

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