Sunday, April 10, 2016

USA BMX Lone Star Nationals

The BMX Lone Star nationals were last weekend in Pflugerville, TX, just north of Austin. This was a 3 day national, so Friday was also a national race instead of the usual double point (I believe) race. I was dead tired from the trip earlier that week, so I decided to figuratively pull myself up by those bootstraps (well, I own booties so hopefully that counts!), and hold my crap together for the weekend. This was easier said than done, btw. 
I woke up Friday morning, displaying the usual level of 4am cranky, loaded the car and bikes up amid lightening closer than I’d like, sheets of rain and thunder. The weather followed me all the way to the Austin area, into the overpriced parking of a mud hole field. I was greeted by rude parking attendants who seemed to have the bright idea each day that those who arrived early needed to park as far away as possible from the track, and slog through thick, sticky mud in mtb shoes to get anywhere. Let’s just say that I got tired of this lunacy very quickly, and decided to park away from the mud, closer to Central Texas BMX
I have never been to this track before, and I really liked it. The starting hill was the most fun! It was tall and you can get going super fast down it before you hit the first jump. I squeezed in a cruiser practice before the rain and alarms began and we had to run for cover to our cars. Despite the rain and the delayed start, the track workers worked really hard and our race was on! I ended up getting 1st on cruiser and 2nd in class. Got to the hotel at around 9, got a much needed shower and food, and was out like a light. 
Day two: The weather was the complete antithesis of day one; it was sunny and beautiful. Parking was still a mud hole, but by now I just ignored the rude attendants and parked somewhere that my car could actually escape. Practice was so much fun, and I got to visit the USA BMX trailer and harass my favorite people lol!! Between practice and motos, I took a lot of time to take naps in the car. I really needed it, and just tried my hardest on the track despite not feeling prepared for this one. I ended up qualifying out and getting 1st in cruiser and 2nd in class. The track is a definite power track, with lots of pedaling needed. When I got off after a lap, all I can say is, whew! It gave me a few ideas on what I can do to get better, and in the end that’s really what I love, the proscess more than the end result.
Day three: Sunday was a tad warmer; the sun beating down can take its’ own toll, so I made sure to drink lots of water and snack on (mostly) healthy items with natural sugars. The track dried up even more, and there was almost no wind. Racing went off without a hitch. I qualified out again, and was able to repeat a 1st in cruiser, and 2nd in class. By this day I was dead tired, so there can be no other social commentary. There were, however, naps aplenty, lol! 
All in all, it turned out to be such a fun weekend of racing. The track operators and USA BMX staff were wonderful, and went above and beyond to put on such a fun weekend! I have never been happier that the drive home was only 3 hours. I took off this past week and weekend from doing anything athletic. Sometimes you just need a break. 🙂 Until next time!
Photo above courtesy of And yes, I make weird faces when I race. 😜

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