Thursday, May 12, 2016

Standard Byke Co. and The Girliest Bike Ever

It’s aliveee! And if you get that reference your awesome. But really you’re awesome anyway. 

Meet Gwyn (yes, as in Stephani…and also known as my new bike)! Gwyn is a pretty fitting name, since she’s white, pink, floral, rainbow, and possibly sings 90’s music into a microphone in the garage in her spare time. Ok, I may claim a TAD bit of twisted artistic license on that last part, but the color combo is 100% true :). 

To me, Gwyn is a work of art one year in the making. When I started back in BMX last summer, my 20″ bike was too small. Since a good bike can be expensive, and I am doing the post college adulting thing full time now, I began collecting parts little by little up until recently. The tough part was making sure everything fit together. Not being around bikes for the last ten years makes you forget little things like that! 

The wheels are Profile limited edition floral hubs with hot pink Box rims. The forks are carbon fiber Sinz 20mm, and the Box brakes and Box seat post clamp are pink. There seems to be a pattern emerging, so I’ll give you one guess as to the crank arms ;). The brake lever, neck and chain tensioners are all oil slick/rainbow colored. The pedals are rainbow/oil slick colored & the clips (and clip shoes) are hot pink too. 🙂 My good friend C got me a really great deal on a custom made Standard frame, which I am really loving. The geometry on this frame is perfect, and it’s lighter than aluminum frames. 

My brother is amazing, and built everything up, as well as designed the custom pink decals on the frame, and he finished it off with a clear coat to prevent scratching and peeling off. There are even some decals left over for the helmet. Pretty awesome. And matchy.

I’m so happy and thankful to have this amazing bike. It was hard work to get, but very worth it. I’m also beyond thankful to C, J with Standard Byke Company, and my brother for making all this possible. Now its time to get used to riding it this weekend. It should be okay, I heard it’s like riding a bike. Haha

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