Thursday, April 28, 2016

Diva Half Marathon 2016

Calling all Divas!!! Pink everything, tutus, boas, tiaras, champagne, epic medals handed out by shirtless firemen with more ripples to their abs than a cheese grater (oh yes, thank you for my medal!)… could say this run was right up my ally, and getting to do it with three of the coolest ladies made the weekend so memorable.

This run marks the end of a goal I set for myself in January. As of now I finished 3 BMX nationals and 4 half marathons. There was also a 5k and a cross country road trip with my bestie in there as well. I’m so excited that I got to accomplish this, and it’s safe to say that I will be gladly taking a little time to rest, but back to the Diva run!

F, J, G & I picked up our packets at the Expo on Saturday. It faces the beach, and it was such a pretty view. We got to take pictures, shop, and basically freak out internally with happiness at the all  pink errything theme. After, we got to check out the Strand, do some shopping, see some live music, and rescue some much needed chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Co.! 🙂

Race morning arrived bright and (too) early. We became divas in our head to toe pink, and headed out to the starting line at Saengerfest Park. 3….2…..1….go!

The first few miles were the toughest. Being used to running in 45 degrees, 70 was a hard pill to swallow. Nevertheless, we ran on until our muscles warmed up and we each found our pace. 

We ran down to the beach, and from there we followed the sea wall on a long out and back route. Carrying water this time helped a lot since it was hot out, and it started at 6:30 ish, half an hour earlier than last year. Without that water I would have been suffering between hydration stations. The course was flat and fast; there was very little elevation. The trick to this course was to watch your time. Avoiding gravel and too big cracks in the sidewalks helped lots. A biker rode by, hit a crack and he went flying, poor guy! A bunch of us made sure he was okay and could get up. J and I ran into each other (no pun intended, ha!) on the course and finished it together.

After the sea wall, we ran back up through town to the strand and, after stopping to pick up our tiaras and bias, crossed the finish line WOOHOO!!!! We got champagne, then water, then hot firemen put our medals on us. The dance contest was next, and J hopped in while we cheered her on. Next on the list was to congratulate the overall winner and get our hands on some grub. 

Despite a few bumps, and the lack of cold, this is one of my all time favorite fun runs. We all had a blast, and it will definitely be on the “to do again list” in the future. Big thumbs up! Way to go all you pinked out Divas! 

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