Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Crafting and upping the tech game

Happy Wednesday everyone! The week is half over, in fact it seems to have flown by, even though I know that's not right. Yesterday was primaries in Texas, so in striving to be a more informed and active citizen (in my mind this includes voting and listening to NPR), I hurried across town in rush hour to make it to the booths. My gas tank was almost empty and I got lost and frusterated, but eventually made it there and cast my ballot. Got back in the car, made dinner which was a rice and veggie bowl, and chilled for the night.

Tonight is gym treadmill time. It still gets dark outside pretty early, so it's the safest place around. Running on the weekends is more fun because I get to visit my favorite parks, and have plans to try some new ones. When I began running, I just ran by feel. If something felt right, or the pace felt good, that's what I would do. Time to maybe switch that up? Right there with you! I downloaded Strava and Garmin Connect on my phone and plan on linking everything up soon. While I'm not crazy competitive about my running, and I mainly run to stay sane and stay in shape, I am intrigued to see if technology can help me become a better runner. Who doesn't want to become better at what they love?? :)
Recently I caught the crafting bug. That need to create something unique and special. I decided on customizing a pair of cycling (mtb) shoes, and found some white and red Spiuk's online. They weren't a bad price either. The total cost of the shoes, including shipping them from Madrid was a whopping $40. I've done my research, thought up my theme, and now just need to purchase some paints and off we go! I'm really excited about this new project, and a little bit nervous that it won't turn out the way I want it to, but if you never try something new you never learn anything. (Plus, I have spent the last two months pouring over every shoe painting guide I can find online.) These are the before shoes, and I will definitely post the process once everything gets going in about a month. During the course of your day, smile at someone, and happy International Women's Day tomorrow to all you she-roes out there!!!
When life get's stressful, craft! 

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