Saturday, March 18, 2017

All Run Down

Everyone has those moments when they get so rundown all they want to do is sleep, and dream about sleeping. That moment for me has been this week. With the Cajun Nationals in Monroe last weekend, and everyone being sick at work Monday, I have been a bit under the weather this whole week. No running, no training, just me and some Emergen-C. 

This week has unfortunately hereby been declared sloth week. I don’t think I’ve slept this much in a long time, watched this many movies on Netflix, or took a such deep long look at my current training or nutrition. Naturally they need to improve, so I made an anti junk food promise to myself this morning; that means no free cookies and cake at work, no cheesecake slices at the grocery store, and none of those delicious packets of skittles after practice at the track. Post long run meals no longer consist of chicken finger baskets. Looking at it that way, it wasn’t just a fall off the wagon, that was a catapult off! 

I was so tired this morning. Does anyone else love to wake up and listen to the rain hitting the window? It’s the perfect lazy Sunday intro. Anyway, I stumbled out of bed, grabbed whatever long dress was closest in the closet to hide road rash knee, forgot makeup in total, concocted a topknot that should not be seen by anyone in public, and somehow happened to make it to work on time. It was strange not wearing makeup in public. After going through the years of horrible breakouts, then later Accutane, I got really good at makeup. I can’t do eyeliner to save my life, but I’m a complete pro at concealing. I got so used to brushing and buffing  and blotting that it became second nature. I definitely don’t miss the days when I was breaking out so badly I wore a full face of makeup to the park to work out. 

On a better note…

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather last weekend. There was a bmx national in Monroe, Louisiana that was fun. I got two 1st places on my cruiser bike, a 1st in class, and fell in my other class main (hence, the scabby knee). 
A lengthy description may follow later, but this, my friends, is sloth week, and sloths take their sweet time when they are under the weather. Besides, it’s face mask and wholehearted attempt at distraction from my sore throat with some Netflix time.

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